Immaterial values

Reflection, becoming aware, gaining understanding and orientation, strengthening positivity



Immaterial values

IMMATERIAL VALUES! The word "values" obviously means something valuable, significant, something important. Values form an important foundation in life and can give clarity, orientation or strength. All people are confronted with their own values and those of others. The situations that occur in life in which values are important are numerous and frequent.

Possible motivations for dealing with values are, for example:

  • Becoming aware of individually significant values and experiencing the associated feelings as a source of strength (getting to know oneself better, becoming aware of unconscious parts, recognising abilities and ressources of power...).
  • Gaining clearity and understanding as a basis for situations in life, such as for making proper decisions or handling of new, challenging issues.
  • Developing more deep knowledge of oneself. Know your own point of view and be able to make it known more clearly and confidently with more beliefs.


This tour is designed for adults of all ages and is suitable for a single person up to a maximum of 6 participants. During a hike in nature, each participant follows the trail and his or her own immaterial values, which represent abilities or other kinds of resources. Methods are self-awareness and self-reflection, which are moderated. By choice, participants may share their insights.

Hike distance itself is variable. If desired, it will be short and will take place in a small area in nature. Therefore it is not exhausting in physical way, as each participant also chooses his or her own pace and breaks.

In case of bad weather, the event could move indoors. Instead of a hike, it is also possible to do it by staying on the same place outdoors or to go indoors.

This event is not psychologically or therapeutically guided. Basically, focus is on boosting positive ressources.

The time needed to do this event depends on the number of participants. Duration is at least half-day, usually one-day. The themed hike immaterial values may take place all year round and is done for German and English speakers.

Provided there is a minimum number of participants, the price of this individual tour is the same as that of advertised tours of the same type and scope! In addition, there is the advantage of being able to choose different parameters! Choose time and place of the tour, evereything will be defined together! If desired, the themed hike with your choosen parameters (time, place) will be published on so that other interested persons may register for it.

The General Terms and Conditions (GTC) apply!

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