Do you wish to surprise someone with a present? In my portfolio there are offers about sociality, contact, relationship, enjoyment, experience, movement and others that are fun and where you are able to get in contact and make new friends!


Just contact me by using the contact form, by writing an e-mail to willkommen@wanderbar-markus.at or by calling to find the match for your gift! It is possible to buy a voucher carrying a certain amount of money, which the presentee may use for a currently advertised tour (see TOUR SCHEDULE) or an individual tour (see YOUR TOUR). Vouchers are sent either by e-mail or by post and are valid for one year from the date of issue!

How does it work:

  • Contact Wanderbar Markus Leonhartsberger - request voucher. Minimum amount of the voucher: 20,- Euro
  • Information about the voucher, payment and handling will be given by telephone or sent by e-mail.
  • Pay the voucher
  • Voucher will be sent either by e-mail or by post
  • Voucher can be given away as a gift


For the person redeeming the voucher:

The voucher must be presented when redeemed! If the amount of the voucher is insufficient to pay the fee of the desired tour, it is possible to pay the missing amount in cash. Remaining amounts of redeemed vouchers may be transferred to new vouchers before vouchers expire. Cash refunds for vouchers are excluded! The GTC apply!

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