Hikes for solos

For solos of all ages! Hiking together with nice people! Get going, get to know each other and...?



Hikes for solos

Hikes for solos are designed for all those who live as a single and wish to have a partnership! Single, divorced, childless or with child(ren), you are welcome! To all those living in partnership: This offer is for singles only!

Hiking together and having fun! Join a tour, get in touch, meet each other and more is possible! In addition, during hiking there will be content which is fun and entertaining! Here you are okay, just as you are!

Hikes for solos are available for half a day and a whole day and are done all year round. In winter, for example, winter hikes and snowshoe hikes for solos are very nice! German and English speakers are welcome!

Request, register and use the network of Wanderbar Markus Leonhartsberger! You (and your friends) may choose starting time and place or region in which the event takes place. If you like, it will take place in your hometown, in the surrounding area or somewhere else. You may also choose if this hike with your parameters (time, place) shall be published at www.wanderbar-markus.at, so interested people from other regions are able to register.

Your specific hike could but does not have to be published! Singles of a network, an association or club, a group or other kind of association of sports, music, politics, nature, tradition, profession, hobby, etc., may find hikes for solos a great opportunity to get to know each other outside the familiar context and to get closer. Hikes for solos are ideal for regional groups and associations such as the Landjugend, solos of men's and women's groups, solos of friends, associations of all professions, hobby clubs of various kinds, associations of tradition and home, senior citizens' groups and many more!

There are these age groups at hikes for solos:

  • 18 - 30 years
  • 25 - 40 years
  • 35-50 years
  • 45 - 60 years
  • 60+ years


These age groups are not divisions according to actual age, but where you feel you belong to. Especially participating persons with age at the edges of each age group may choose which age group seems appropriate. Thus, a 26-year-old person may choose to join the group 18-30 as well as the group 25-40 years of age, according to the individual feeling. A 42-year-old person could join the group 25-40 or the group 35-50 years of age.

Those, interested in hikes for singles should note that - if it is desired to publish your hike at www.wanderbar-markus.at - the majority of the participants´ ages of the group which requested the event, just belongs to one of the age groups mentioned! Thus the chances of more interested people of the same age group signing for the event are higher! On every hike for singles it is focused on a balanced ratio of male and female participants!

The General Terms and Conditions (GTC) apply!

Hikes for solos are, provided there is a minimum number of participants, equal in price to advertised tours of the same scope! In addition, there is the advantage of choosing different parameters! Talk to your friends and simply request, without obligation! If at least 4 people (two male and two female) book a tour, registration for one person is free! And: Don't miss any tour of your interests by joining the Telegram channel (top right next to Facebook icon) or registering for the email newsletter (bottom right)!

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