Singing hikes

for the young and the old alike!



Singing hikes

Whether hiking song, folk song, pop, Austro-pop, folk, hits of the 70s, 80s etc., we hike together, sing and enjoy nature! Singing books will be distributed or you bring your own! No singing skills are required. For young children from 5 years, songs and rhythm games are offered.

Singing walks are suitable for everyone and are also possible for people with disabilities! Time, place or region, route length, pace and music styles are freely selectable and are agreed upon in consultation! If desired, the singing hike with the chosen parameters will be publicly advertised at so that other interested people can register.

Singing hikes are held for German and English speakers! English speakers are asked to indicate special song requests or to bring them along themselves!

Singing hikes are held all year round and last one to three hours for children, depending on their age. For adults, half-day, one-day and multi-day singing hikes are possible!

The maximum number of participants for singing hikes depends on the terrain being walked. Since the hike is mostly in easy terrain, numbers of 50 participants and more are possible.

Provided there is a minimum number of participants, an individual singing hike is the same price as an advertised tour of the same scope! In addition, there is the advantage to choose different parameters!

Singing hikes for children:

25% discount for two or more children in a family! 10% discount for groups of 8 children or more!

Singing hikes for adults:

10% discount for groups of 10 or more (children 12 years and older, adults)! Children up to 12 years free!

Singing hikes for seniors:

20% discount for groups of 8 or more seniors!

The General Terms and Conditions (GTC) apply!

Singing tour: Simply enquire without obligation and let us know your wishes! And: Don't miss a tour of your interests by joining the Telegram channel (top right next to Facebook icon) or registering for the e-mail newsletter (bottom right)!

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